Since Campus Clubs began, students have gone on to become nurses, join the armed services, and run for city council. Former students have come back to intern with us while they attend college. Our current mail delivery woman attended Campus Clubs as a child! We are proud of the diverse careers of our alumni.

Current Students

kid in classroom with clock
After Tristan’s first three weeks attending Campus Clubs, he told his teacher, “I did not want to come here, but I just want to tell you I’m now so happy that I came.” The teacher asked, “Why are you happy?” He replied, “Y’all teach us how to learn. I’ve never learned like this before!”
Tristan, New Student
kids in library with books
The Bibb County REACH program (“Reaching Excellence in Academic and Creative Horizons”) is for advanced students and by admission only. Teachers nominate students from their classroom based on several character traits, including curiosity, inquiry, and creativity. In 2020, one of our first grade students, Kensley, was accepted into this program.
Kensley, Reach Program Participant
twin kids in bike shop
Fourth grader, Neico, discovered his gift of engineering through the Learn and Earn Bike Shop. Students usually require months to learn how to tear down and reassemble a bike. For Neico, it took a matter of days. Neico’s skills were so impressive, the Bike Shop staff decided to hire him as an instructor to teach his fellow classmates how to build a bike!
Neico, Learn and Earn Bike Shop Employee
2 kids reading book
Benjamin’s interest in God began when his teacher read a story about heaven. Later in the day, he came to his teacher crying and said, “I need to go to heaven right now!” The teacher explained that he could not go to heaven until his appointed time. Since then, he has asked many questions about heaven, Jesus, and the Bible. His grandmother regularly thanks the staff for sparking his interest in the Bible.
Benjamin, 2019 “Spiritual Star” recipient