Life Skills

Our life skills programs expose students to valuable life experiences that help them to dream, explore new possibilities, and expand the scope of their horizons. These experiences broaden their thinking, build character, and teach leadership, all of which further prepare them for life.


A Delta pilot teaches our high school students the mechanics of flying using Ground School training manuals and flight simulators! At the end of the nine month training, students take a field trip to Middle Georgia Regional Airport to ride on a real Cessna 172, the same plane they use in their virtual training.

Learn and Earn Bike Shop

The Learn and Earn Bike Shop teaches students how to tear down and build a bike. When a student finishes the program, they have not only learned every skill needed to own and maintain a life changing mode of transportation, but they are given a bicycle of their own.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways allows students to explore their interests and skill sets, tour local colleges and trade schools, hear from speakers in a variety of jobs, and learn business etiquette. Whether our students join the military, attend a trade school, or pursue a four year degree, our goal is to help them map out their future career by the time they enter high school.

Leader in Me

Leader in Me is a nationwide leadership program for children based on the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Macon-Bibb elementary schools implemented this program several years ago and saw such a notable difference in academics and behavior, we decided to extend this philosophy to our after school programming.


In 2020, we completed construction on a 3 Story Mega Tower Playground as well as an adventure course inspired by the Ninja Warrior television show. Unstructured playtime is important for a child’s development, so we’re grateful for this resource to help build stronger bodies and minds!


A sports opportunity is available year round for our students. These include soccer, basketball, golf, and flag football leagues. Our front lobby proudly displays several trophies our students have earned through their time playing in these different leagues.

Art Club

The Campus Clubs Art program is a favorite among the kids. Students exercise their creativity by learning to draw and complete paper crafts. The halls of our center are filled with the artistic creations of our students.


The Campus Clubs Choir has performed at Hawkins Arena, local community events, and at many churches in Macon. Every year the choir sings at our annual fundraising banquet. Learning spiritual songs is an emphasis and we love changing the lyrics to pop songs to incorporate a positive message.

Mental Health Classes

A social worker on staff teaches weekly mental health classes. Students learn about the different parts of the brain, including which parts are activated during safety versus threat. Students are then resourced with practical grounding tools they can use whenever they feel stressed.